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Membership Criteria

Through our members, the Afterschool Coalition of Indianapolis is providing structure for our youth. Think of us as a conduit for information. A way to talk to other member organizations. A support group. A sounding board. A place to call with a great problem or a great idea.

We are anxious for every afterschool program provider or aspiring program provider to be a part of our membership. There is no fee to be a member, but regular meeting attendance is required and we encourage members to serve on committees and interact regularly with other members.

The only criteria for membership is that you are a provider of afterschool services in good standing with any national organization you are affiliated with and any applicable accrediting bodies.

If you are an independent program, we encourage you to review and aspire toward the Afterschool Standards that this Coalition has adopted. (Click Here to Download).

Please print and complete the attached application (Click here to download). If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer, you may download one at no cost from Please mail your application to: David Klinkose, Afterschool Coalition of Indianapolis, P.O. Box 55960, Indianapolis, IN 46205-0960.